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Blues, Jazz & American Roots

trouble logging in?

As with any Membership system, it is possible for one Member to signup, and then share their Username with someone else; or even post it online for the whole world to see. This is known as Link Sharing. In this case, IP Restrictions are in place and work for Membership Level Access ( account logins ), Specific Post/Page Access, Registration Links, and other secure Entry Points. In all cases, the rules are simple. A single Username, Access Link, and/or Entry Point ... is only valid for a certain number of unique IP addresses (different computers in different locations). Once that limit is reached, the system assumes there has been a security breach. At that time, the system will place a temporary ban (1 hour) ( preventing access ) to a Specific Post/Page, or to an account associated with a particular Username.
The system currently allows up to 5 different IPs (every 30 days). If you think this security setting might be causing you problems with logging in, because you might log in from many different locations, please let us know and we will increase the number of different IP addresses that can be used within a 30 day period.
For any problems, please email us.