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Country Blues Repertoire

  Basics   in the style of
    Bye Bye Baby Little Hat Jones
    New Old Country Rock  Willie Moore
    Saturday Night Rub Big Bill Broonzy
    Manhattan Rag  Mississppi John Hurt
    One Time Blues  Blind Blake
    Policy Blues  Bo Carter
    Ragtime Strut Blind Boy Fuller
    Brownskin Shuffle Big Bill Broonzy
  Blues & Gospel Styles   
    Kindhearted Woman Blues Robert Johnson
    Mississippi River Blues  Big Bill Broonzy
    Blue Daze  Scrapper Blackwell
    Delta Blues For Patton  Charlie Patton
    Hey Hey / Pig Meat Strut  Big Bill Broonzy
    Hey Hey (2) Big Bill Broonzy
    Rambling Blues  Rambling Thomas
    Feeling Bad Blues Blind Blake
    Crow Jane   Carl Martin
    It Is No Secret   Rev. Gary Davis
    Mr. Jefferson Blind Lemon Jefferson
    Moppers Blues  Big Bill Broonzy
    Baby Come Back Rev. Robert Wilkins
    Mean Old World Rev. Gary Davis
    Worrying You Off My Mind Big Bill Broonzy
    Worried Man Blues Big Bill Broonzy
    New Old Devil  Bo Carter
    Weeping Willow Blues Blind Boy Fuller 
    Sweet Jivin Mama Blind Blake
    Police Dog Blues Blind Blake
    Want Your Rolling Done Big Bill Broonzy
    O Glory  Rev. Gary Davis
    Texas Blues Funny Papa Smith
    Let Us Get Together  Rev. Gary Davis
    Death Don't Have No Mercy  Rev. Gary Davis
    I Am The Light of This World  Rev. Gary Davis
    Destruction in This Land "Kitchen Sessions" Rev. Gary Davis
  Ragtime Blues   
    Mr Blake's Dance  Blind Blake
    Long Tall Mama Big Bill Broonzy
    New Soo Cow Soo Memphis Minnie
    South Carolina Rag Willie Walker
    East Coast Rag Blind Blake
    Early Morning Blues Blind Blake
    Blind Arthur's Breakdown Blind Blake
    Hesitation Blues (Do I Have to Wait) Rev. Gary Davis
    Virginia Stomp Rev. Gary Davis
    Baby, Let me Lay It On You
(Do Anything If You Let Me)
Rev. Gary Davis
    Make Believe Stunt Rev. Gary Davis
    Piano Roll Blues Blind Blake
    Chump Man Blues  Blind Blake
    Black Dog Blues Blind Blake
    That'll Never Happen No More Blind Blake
  Open/Altered Tunings   
    Cypress Grove Blues (open D min) Skip James
    Babe I Want You To Know Bo Carter
    Minnie's Spanish Blues (open G) Memphis Minnie
    Along The Alley (drop DG) Lonnie Johnson
    Bullfrog Groan (drop D) Tommy Johnson
    Jackson Moan (open G) Charlie Patton
    Good Girl  (open D) Josh White
    Prodigal Son (open D) Rev. Robert Wilkins
    Shuffle Blues in G (open G) Big Joe Williams
    Big Road Blues Tommy Johnson
    Special Rider Skip James

Modern Fingerstyle Repertoire 

  Expanding the Traditions  Woody Mann originals
    Hudson River Boogie  
    Sunset Lake Rag  
    Delta Mornings  
    Great Dreams From Heaven
    Cold Rainy Day   
    Cat Burglar  
    Country Fair  
    And 3 not 4  
    Top Hat  
    Spanish Fandango Variations  
    We'll Be Alright  
    Mr Guitar  
    A Little Love  
    Gypsy Girl  
    Heading East  
    A Night in Tbilisi  

Classes: Techniques & Approaches



Picking Basics;  Bass and melody:
Syncopated Picking
Dynamics, Damping, Brushing
Damping with the picking hand: Brownskin Shuffle
Chord melody: Basic Vocabulary
Chord chart 
Chord Melody 1: I'll Fly Away
Playing off the chords: Introduction
Playing off the chords: Early Morning Blues
Playing off the chords: Hudson River Boogie
Playing off the chords: Top Hat
Improvising off Chords
Improvising Single Lines off Chords
Chord Types / Function
Breaking it down 1: Angel Eyes
Creating Variations
Practicing a Tune
Improvising with the Picking Hand
30 second Technique TipsDamping
30 second Technique TipsPull off/ hammer-on
30 second Technique Tips: Double Thumbing
30 second Technique TipsBass Damp
30 second Technique TipsThumb/Finger single string 


country blues repertoire & technique
(beginner to advanced)

     Barrelhouse Blues
     Blues Syncopations in A
     My Creole Baby
     Blues Etude in E
     Mississippi River
     Big Bills Pig Meat Strut
     Highway Keys
     Texarkana Valley
     Texas Nights
     The Dirt Road
     Papa Charlie's Blues
     Bo's Blues
     Little Vicksburg Blues
     Lonesome Man Blues
    Baby Come Back
     Lordy Lord Blues
     Mistreating Woman
     Rag For John Cephas
     Come On Boys
     A Little Too Tight Rag
     Black Dog Variations
     Ragging the Blues
     Durham Dance
     Blues Ain't Gone (Open G)
     Lonnie's Blues in G (Drop DG)
     Farewell Baby (Drop D)
     Mississippi Jump (Drop D)
     Police Blues (Open D)
     So Glad Variations (Open D)
     Tampa Blues (Open D)
     What's The Matter? (Open G)
     You Got To Know How (Drop DG)
     Good Feeling Blues (Drop D)
     Skippy's Blues (Open D Minor)
     At Midnight
     Piano Roll
     Spiritual For RGD
     Sunday Church Meeting
     Fandango In Open G (open G)