How do the lessons work?
The Lessons page  and  Membership Signup area has full details.

Can I download the videos and share them?
I request that you do not. The content of this site represents many years of personal study and professional work. I am a working musician and this site is part of my living so I ask you to please keep the content between us.
There are a selection of downloads are available to purchase in the Digital Downloads section. These, of course, you can download on multiole devises.

When I sign up as a private student (level 2 membership), how many lesson exchanges can I have ?
We will have two video or audio exchanges per month. But if we need more contact we can discuss what makes the most sense in terms of your learning.

How long will it take to respond to my questions and videos I upload?
I will respond within a week.  If I’m on the road, it may take a little longer.

Do I have access to the entire music video and audio library including PDF's of the music?

Can I see other student’s video lesson exchanges?
Not at this time. All student video exchanges are private.

Do my lessons include live one-on-one lessons?
No, live one on one lessons are not included.

Are live one-on-one lessons available? Is there an extra fee for this?
These can be set up directly between us at an additional cost.

Can I change or cancel my registration?

Will you share my personal information for any purpose?
Never. To anyone or any company.

Will there be additions to the Library?
I’ll be continually posting new teaching videos, seminars, classes and performances. 

I am a registered student but why
am I having trouble logging in to the site?

Please click here for possible reasons.