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Teaching has always been a part of my professional musical life. This site gives me the opportunity to widen my reach as a teacher and a forum to further develop my musical ideas. My  goal is to keep the site easy to navigate so the focus stays on the music.

I've put together a video and audio library of repertoire and techniques geared to various levels of playing. The library is organized in two broad stylistic areas: Country Blues /Roots and Modern Fingerstyle. The "Country Blues /Roots" section consists of repertoire based on the playing styles of the masters of the Country Blues tradition. The material ranges from the basics of fingerpicking to more complex arrangements and techniques. The "Modern Fingerstyle" section is wide open in terms of styles and sounds - from traditional approaches to contemporary sounds.  In addition to learning repertoire, the focus in on understanding what you are playing and the musical connection between the various styles. All the videos have accompanying PDFs of the music and tablature.  The Workshop video library spotlights a  variety of related topics including a  music theory and guitar harmony series, improvising approaches, and tips on practicing,   The Where to Begin / Curriculum Tracks page has suggestions to help guide you through a graded approach - from beginners to advanced. There is also a Video Vault with a wide range of clips from my workshops to interviews to informal performances.  The discussion forum is the place we can connect with a world wide community of like-minded musicians. One of the most exciting aspects of the site is the private lesson video exchange where we can work together for a personalized lesson experience.

About my music and teaching
My music is an amalgamation of many influences and styles from the early country blues traditions to modern jazz. I learned from and played with many incredible musicians including blues masters, jazz greats, folk and country artists, Brazilian and gypsy players. I was lucky to study privately with Reverend Gary Davis and Lennie Tristano, two incredible musicians and teachers. Their inspiration is always a part of my music as well as my own teaching. I don't think in categories when describing my music, but I suppose the closest description might be modern fingerstyle improvisation with roots in the country blues and jazz traditions.  I use the word "fingerstyle" not as a genre but as as an umbrella term that can include the sounds of folk, blues, ragtime, jazz, country, Brazilian, Celtic (to name a few), and the playing styles of artists ranging from Doc Watson, Blind Blake, Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson, Skip James, Charlie Christian, Chet Aktins and Wes Montgomery (to name a few).

This site offers  a wide ranging library of repertoire and workshops on techniques and improvisation - all to use as a toolbox to explore your own creativity. Please visit the membership page for how to study. Thanks, and hope to see you soon. Enjoy the music!  Woody